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I am an Amsterdam based freelancer for moving images. Started in 2002 as a motion graphic designer I have grown into a highly skilled specialist in the fields of 2D/3D animation, editing, visual effects for film and camerawork for events and interviews. This order also reflects the level of experience I possess.

Past work includes title design for film, television commercials, compositing, stereoscopy, broadcast design, info graphics animations, video productions, DVD/Blu-ray productions, web design, flash banner creation, sound design as well as whole pre- and post-production services, including technical know-how for delivering in different formats. I have also gained experience in executing streaming events for clients such as Nike and Levis.

One thing is certain: You can expect an absolute professional attitude and results in high-end quality.


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Motion Graphics (2D/3D)

By creating atmospheric commercials, info graphics, animations, spots and show reels, I am able to support the digital needs of clients in the best possible way. Based on an initial briefing session I will consult on the best animation style for the aligned purpose and start creating high–res motion graphics in 2D or 3D for any output format.

Video Editing

My scope of work includes editing of reportages, documentaries, event material, trailers, product videos, music videos and short films. As well I like being challenged in editing commercials. With an editing education at the ‘FXPHD’ I have the technical know-how to deliver high quality video editing work.


My expertise ranges from a DSLR film look for a product presentation to capturing an event in a documentary style with an HD video camera. In previous jobs, I have captured amongst others sport and dance events, corporate conventions and product movies, worked on interviews and filmed concerts and festivals with live screening. I have worked as a single cameraman as well as in teams together with other operators. I am very interested in still photography, short films and commercials, and have worked in these sectors already as well with a lot of passion.

Visual Effects

The meaning of the term ‘visual effects’ is constantly changing and on the move. What I offer is work in 3D, compositing, stereoscopy, stabilization, rotoscoping, dust removal, color grading, etc.; with the help of software packages like Nuke, Smoke, After Effects and Mocha. In this area I do possess experience within the feature film, short film and commercial sector.

Video Production

To ensure best possible success for client’s businesses and products, I provide an holistic consultant service around video production work, including concept and design, direction, storyboard, camera, sound, editing and post production. No matter if you need an inspirational clip, a filmed report of your events or business, a documentary, an interview, still photography or just stunning visual images. Together with a trusted group of other professionals I am able to handle challenging and bigger projects without any problems.


Amongst above listed services I consider myself as a creative allrounder in the digital and moving sector. I like being challenged with any request. I can deliver a creative, consistent and comprehensive design for various media, for example authoring of DVD’s/Blu–ray’s, production of animated flash banner’s or delivering a webpage or an app. My portfolio also contains sound design and production of print materials like DVD covers or promotional items.


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Urban Revolt film
Urban Revolt

Video editing - Grading

Allrounder showreel
Allrounder showreel 2010

Allrounder showreel

Ralf Kohr showreel 2013
Showreel 2013


Ralf Kohr showreel 2017
Showreel 2017